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Food Unit
The Carrot Seed


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Students will be engaged in a shared reading experience and enhance their awareness of illustrations/concepts of print/vocabulary/and comprehension development.
Using predictable books is a great way to foster emerging literacy skills.
Students will learn where plants come from, specifically how a seed grows.
Students will watch a seed grow and keep a journal about it.

The Carrot Seed (Krauss, 1945)
carrot seeds
plastic ziploc bags
paper towels
empty yogurt containers

1.Read The Carrot Seed (Krauss, 1945) and discuss.
2.Tell students they are going to plant their own carrot seeds. Before they plant them they are going to watch how it grows and keep a journal to document the process.
3.Have students moisten the paper towels and place them in the ziploc bag.
4.Give each student one carrot seed to place in the bag.
5.Tape the bags to the window and watch them grow.
6.Read an informational book about seeds and plants so students will learn how to care for their seed.
7.Once a week have students write in their carrot seed journals about the progress they are seeing.
8.Once the seed has sprouted, plant in a yogurt container filled with soil. Continue journaling. (It's a good idea if the teacher does one for him/herself.)
To end the activity either send the plant home so it can be planted into the ground or plant it on school grounds. Either way, have students share their journals after they have picked and eaten their carrots.