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Food Unit
Strega Nona


Food Packages
Food Word Wall
Guess the Secret Food
What did you have for breakfast?
My Favorite Foods Book
Food Songs
Nursery Rhymes
Food Poems
What did you have for lunch?
At The Supermarket
Restaurant Menus
Honey Cookies
Pancake Measuring
Candy graphing
The Carrot Seed
The Food Pyramid
It Looked Like Spilt Milk
Strega Nona
Learning Log
References and Resources

Students will be engaged in a shared reading experience and enhance their awareness of illustrations/concepts of print/vocabulary/and comprehension development.
Students will work in small groups for individualized instruction.
Students will write personal responses to the story.
Students will create pasta art.

Strega Nona (de Paola, 1975)
crayons, markers
pasta - many different sizes and shapes
food coloring
ziploc bags
spaghetti sauce/butter

1.Read and discuss Strega Nona (de Paola, 1975) in small groups.
2.Have students write responses to the story (what they liked the best, something it reminded them of, etc.).
3.While each group is reading, have other children creating pasta art. Use food coloring and large ziploc bags to color the various pastas, let dry. Let students glue the pasta to paper to make shapes and pictures. Have them write/drite about what they made.
4.Make pasta for the children to eat during snack time.

Special Accommodations
Group children by abilities to individualize instruction.
Remember food allergies/restrictions.