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Food Unit
Food Songs


Food Packages
Food Word Wall
Guess the Secret Food
What did you have for breakfast?
My Favorite Foods Book
Food Songs
Nursery Rhymes
Food Poems
What did you have for lunch?
At The Supermarket
Restaurant Menus
Honey Cookies
Pancake Measuring
Candy graphing
The Carrot Seed
The Food Pyramid
It Looked Like Spilt Milk
Strega Nona
Learning Log
References and Resources

Students will be engaged in a shared reading experience and enhance their awareness of illustrations/concepts of print/vocabulary/and comprehension development.
Students will listen to and learn two food songs.
Through learning the food songs, children will be learning new vocabulary, learning the concept of rhyming, and other emergent literacy skills.
Students will then create class versions of the two songs.
Students will be using background knowledge and will be participating in a social activity where their contributions will be valued.
Creating class versions should be motivating to the students.

I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Pie (Jackson, 1997)
Today is Monday (Carle, 1993)
chart paper/paper

1.Read both books to the class and have them sing the songs several times before continuing with the rest of the activity (not in one sitting of course). Discuss he different words, rhyming words, have children pick out words they recognize, etc.
2.Tell the class that they are going to create their own versions of the songs by changing what foods are sung.
3.Break up the class into two groups. Each group will be responsible for rewriting one of the songs. Do this on chart paper or do it in book form and have children illustrate.
After the songs are rewritten, have each group perform the song for the other group. Record the songs if you can for the listening center.