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What is it like to be hearing impaired?

This activity will be done as a whole class using the website The lesson can be done using the website directly or printing out the page as I have done and reading the content to the children. Some paraphrasing may be needed so it would be a good idea to read and prepare ahead of time. Elaboration on some of the content may also be needed. This lesson is written with the assumption that children already are familiar with six hat activities.

1. Do a quick review of the sense of hearing. Explain to students what it means to be hearing impaired. Ask students if they know of anyone who is hearing impaired. After discussion ends, explain to the children that you found a website on the internet made by a hearing impaired man named Mark Rejhon. On his website he answers the questions that people ask him the most about his hearing impairment. Tell students that they will be using their "six hats" to think about the information you read to them after you are done.

2. Read the article, paraphrasing and elaborating when needed and also stopping to answer questions.

3. After reading go through the hats as a whole group and record answers on chart paper.

Red Hat
How do you feel about what you just heard me read? What emotions are you feeling?

White Hat
What information do we have from this webpage? What information would you still like to know? If you have more questions we can email Mark for the answers or find them some other way?

Yellow Hat
What are the benefits for Mark? Why do these things work for him?

Black Hat
What are the weaknesses of being hearing impaired? What are the weaknesses of some of the things he uses to help him?

Green Hat
Does anyone have any other ideas that might work for people who are hearing impaired?

Black Hat
Where should we go from here? Do we want to learn more? Should we email Mark our questions or find the answers a different way?