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The Five Senses
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Solving A Mystery

Students will be introduced to the idea of using their senses to observe and describe the world around them.

popcorn popper
a large clean box
small cups
blindfolds (can be made with construction paper and string)
chart paper
a beverage
My Five Senses(1989) by Aliki or another book about the five senses

1)When the students are not in the room, place a hot air popcorn popper filled with popcorn on a table and cover it with a box.

2)Have students wash their hands and then sit in front of the table.

3)Tell the students it will be their task to figure out what is underneath the mystery box. Ask that they not give away the surprise if they figure it out early. Ask that they only use words to describe what it is, not what it actually is

4)Plug in the popcorn popper.

5) Begin asking questions that require the students to use their senses. As students provide responses, write them on large chart paper.
Can you hear what is under the box? What sounds is it making?
Can you smell what is under the box? Describe the smell.

6)Have students either close their eyes or
put on special blindfolds to prevent them from seeing the popcorn.

7)Hand each student a small cup of popcorn and ask them to feel what is inside the cup.
How does it feel in your hand?
Does it still have a smell to it?

8)Ask students to put a piece in their mouth.
Remind them to chew slowly and thoroughly.
How does it feel in your mouth?
How does it taste?
By now they will have already guessed the item but continue to question them.

9)Have students remove their blindfolds and ask them to describe what they see beyond the name of the surprise item.
What color is it?
What shape is it?

10) Provide a beverage with the snack. Continue the describing game with the drink also, if you wish.

11) Read a book on the Five Senses possibly after or the following day of the activity.

Note: Please be mindful of any food allergies/restrictions.