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The Five Senses
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Exploring the World using The Senses Cube

To assess students understanding of the five senses.

square box(es)

Seal a square box closed and then decorate a side to correspond with each sense. Decorate the sixth side with all six.

1. Introduce the sense cube and ask the students what they think each side means.

2. Explain that they will be playing a game using the sense cube. One group of 3 or four children will play with the teacher at a time while the others will read/write independently.

3. Begin by modeling the game. Roll the dice. Using the sense that you rolled, describe the world around you. Example: Taste: I had my favorite cereal for breakfast and it tasted delicious. (The side that contains all of the senses means the children can choose which sense they want to use.

4. Let students play the game, rolling one at a time, giving them plenty of time to answer.

5. Observe students and rate their answers using the attached checklist.

6. After each student has had a few turns, change the rules. Now students must describe what it would be like not to be able to use that sense. Begin by modeling: Sight: If I did not have the sense of sight, I would not be able to see the smiles of all my wonderful students.

7. After all students have played, keep the sense cube out for center time.