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The Five Senses
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Let's Vote On It!

By completing this activity, students will demonstrate that they understand:
what the five senses are
what each sense does
the five senses are used for observation
that, depending on the object being observed, many senses are used at the same time

This activity uses Application and Explanation as the Facets of Understanding.

Sense cards- a separate card for each sense (lots of them)items to be observed - see list
recycled tissue boxes

1. Students will work in small groups to complete the activity.

2. Each group receives a set of Sense cards. The groups will be distinguished by the color of their cards.

3. The groups of students are to go around to the various objects and decide which senses can used with that particular object. When they have discussed and decided, they insert the corresponding card into the tissue box next to the item.

4. Only one group may be at an item at a time. Remind students that more than one sense can be applied to many objects.

5. After completion, teacher will pull cards out and have the groups explain why they chose to insert the cards where they did and what they observed using those senses. Teacher should help them to discover any they missed.

Possible Items to be observed:
various fruits sand
stuffed animal candy
photograph perfume
art print instrument
television cookies
radio flowers
book paint
vegetables cactus
cloth sand paper
computer water

Note: Make sure enough cards are produced so that each item will receive many "votes".
For example, all of the items can be seen and felt!