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Food Unit
Restaurant Menus


Food Packages
Food Word Wall
Guess the Secret Food
What did you have for breakfast?
My Favorite Foods Book
Food Songs
Nursery Rhymes
Food Poems
What did you have for lunch?
At The Supermarket
Restaurant Menus
Honey Cookies
Pancake Measuring
Candy graphing
The Carrot Seed
The Food Pyramid
It Looked Like Spilt Milk
Strega Nona
Learning Log
References and Resources

Students will be engaged in a shared reading experience and enhance their awareness of illustrations/concepts of print/vocabulary/and comprehension development.
Students will be instructed in small groups so that there may be a individualization of instruction.
Students will create restaurant menus (as a whole group) that will be used in socio-dramatic play areas.
Authentic activity that will be used to have fun. The activity is also one that promotes the importance of literacy in the real world.
Learning is a social process. Every students input will be valued for its contribution to everyone's learning.

What's it like to be a Chef (Poskanzer, 1990)
food pictures
chart paper

1.Read book with small groups, discussing food words, new vocabulary, comprehension, etc.
2.After reading have children draw or write something they liked about the story.
3.Later, as a whole group, tell the students that they will be creating restaurant menus to be put in the restaurant center you have created for them.
4.Ask children to think of one thing they would like to include on the menu and to draw a picture of it. Then have children tell the class what they want to include. Record on chart paper. Each child should also tell you how much they want that item to cost.
5.Using the children's contributions, create a few copies of the menus, including words, picture and prices. Place the menus in the restaurant center.
6.Have some students role play a restaurant scene.