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Food Unit
Pancake Measuring


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Learning Log
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To engage students in a shared reading experience and enhance their awareness of illustrations/concepts of print/vocabulary/and comprehension development.
Using big books, especially ones that are predictable, is a great way to foster emerging literacy skills.
Students will measure objects in the classroom using a nonstandard unit of measurement.

If You Give A Pig A Pancake (Numeroff, 1998)
pancake ditto
list of items to be measured
number list

1.Discuss the cover and flip through the book If You Give A Pig A Pancake (Numeroff, 1998), asking students to tell you what they think the book is about. This book is one that children love and should be read multiple times. Its predictability makes it a book that students learn to pretend read.
2.Read the book to the children, pointing out the pictures as you go.
3.After reading, hand out the pancake ditto, have students color in the pancake, and then have them cut the pancake out.
4.Tell students that they are going to use the pancakes to measure a list of items. Model the first item for them (this piece of paper is two and one half pancakes long).
5.Students should then go off and measure the items on the list, working at their own pace.
6.When they are finished, have students glue their pancakes onto precut frying pans and have them write a sentence about their pancake (their favorite kind, what they like to have on it, etc.)

Special Accommodations
Working in pairs is a good idea also, especially if this concept is still new to them.
Provide assistance as needed.
Remind students to look at the number list of they forget how to write a number. Also, model that they can record the number by using slash marks.