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Food Unit
Honey Cookies


Food Packages
Food Word Wall
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What did you have for breakfast?
My Favorite Foods Book
Food Songs
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What did you have for lunch?
At The Supermarket
Restaurant Menus
Honey Cookies
Pancake Measuring
Candy graphing
The Carrot Seed
The Food Pyramid
It Looked Like Spilt Milk
Strega Nona
Learning Log
References and Resources

To engage students in a shared reading experience and enhance their awareness of illustrations/concepts of print/vocabulary/and comprehension development.
Students will listen for comprehension and have literacy skills modeled for them.
Students will learn some of the primary sources of foods they eat.
Students will be building upon background knowledge.
Students will learn to follow a recipe.
Integrates math skills
Authentic activity

A Cow, a Bee, a Cookie, and Me (Hooper, 1997)
honey cookie recipe on chart paper (found in book)
ingredients for honey cookies

1.Ask students what they know about making cookies and about recipes. Ask them where they think ingredients come from.
2.Read A Cow, a Bee, a Cookie, and Me (Hooper, 1997) and discuss.
3.Bring out Honey cookie recipe on chart paper. Tell students they are going to help make Honey Cookies. Wash hands.
4.Follow recipe and bake cookies.
5.While cookies are baking have children write/drite a personal response to the story.
6.Discuss and record what was learned from the story.
7.Eat cookies!

Special Accommodations
Be mindful of food restrictions.