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Students will participate in an activity based on food that promotes math concepts.
Students will create graphs using M&M candies and read them to the class.
Students will be using using their literacy skills (reading graphs) to obtain and to communicate information. Students will be made aware of the fact that they are reading the graphs and will see that literacy is a skill that goes beyond reading books.
Students will practice their knowledge of one-to-one correspondence.

large bag of M&M's
small cups or bowls
M&M's candy color chart - see link below
chart paper with every child's name listed in it

1.Have students wash their hands.
2.Hand out candy color charts and have children color in the M&M's on the chart.
3.Explain to students that they will be graphing the M&M's they receive by color. (Model the activity first.)
4.Hand out 15-25 M&M's to each student.
5.Have them graph the M&M's by placing one in each box, matching them with the color at the bottom of the row. Provide assistance to those who need it.
6.After everyone is finished graphing their M&M's, ask each child to tell the class how many M&M's they have of each color. Model to the students that they may either count the amount in each row or look across at the numbers listed on the side of the graph. Record each child's response then discuss such things as who had the most and least of each particular color, etc.
7.Allow students to eat the M&M's after the activity. (It may be a good idea to conduct this activity before snack time or before going home).

Special Accommodations
Please remember any food allergies. This activity can be modified by using other small food items such as raisons (brown, gold, chocolate covered, yogurt covered), nuts, gummi-bears, reeses pieces,etc.
Provide individual help as needed and have students help each other.

M&M's Candy Color Chart