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Food Unit
Learning Log


Food Packages
Food Word Wall
Guess the Secret Food
What did you have for breakfast?
My Favorite Foods Book
Food Songs
Nursery Rhymes
Food Poems
What did you have for lunch?
At The Supermarket
Restaurant Menus
Honey Cookies
Pancake Measuring
Candy graphing
The Carrot Seed
The Food Pyramid
It Looked Like Spilt Milk
Strega Nona
Learning Log
References and Resources

Students will write daily responses that will provide evidence of learning for the teacher.
Students will periodically discuss learning log with teacher to clarify its contents.

1.Provide each student with a notebook at the beginning of the unit.
2.Tell each student that they will write in this journal each day at the end of the day. They will write/drite about one or more things they have learned that day.
3.Periodically discuss the learning log with each child.

Special Accommodations
Children may respond in the journal in whatever form they are able to.